3 Practical and Convenient Ways in Converting PDF to Word

3 Practical and Convenient Ways in Converting PDF to Word

Since it is versatile and cross-platform compatible, PDF is a popular file known to everybody and is used to display and exchange documents. It was created by Adobe. When we need to make significant changes to a PDF, however, we must convert it to an editable Text file. There are two types of PDF files: text and scanned copies. It’s much easier to turn a text of a PDF into an editable Office format. However, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology is needed for converting scanned PDF. The items on those PDFs cannot be identified and extracted to Word without OCR. When you use an online PDF converter, you get a lot of benefits, particularly from a marketing perspective. When converting, reports are generated in less than a minute or even seconds.

PDF to Word Online Conversion

The PDF to Word free online tool does just as its label says: it allows you to convert PDF to Word online which helps you deal with editable and readable files, and at the same time, retain the original version. Rather than copying and pasting text from a PDF, the editor of the PDF tool extracts the content of the PDF and transfers it to another file. This same Word to PDF Converter facilitates the use of one-of-a-kind OCR software to edit PDF files over the internet.

OCR is a technology that transforms images into devices with encoded, stored, or textual records. These documents may have been in a specific format, such as a PDF file, graphic images, or scanned text of documents. When translating files from PDF to Word, the web app requires OCR to maintain the integrity of the original text.

Free Conversion on Windows

PDFs are fantastic until you find a mistake that needs fixing or some adjustment that you can’t produce. The excellent thing is that converting a PDF to a Word file so you can modify it is quick, and you have many choices. Here’s how you can edit using Windows.

Locate the PDF file that you want to open. Navigate to the PDF’s position on your device. Right-clicking on the PDF will bring up a drop-down screen. Choose “Open with” from the right-click drop-down menu near the top. A drop-down menu will again appear. Since this choice is in the pop-out list, select ‘click Word’. When asked, choose OK. As a result, Microsoft Word will be able to open the PDF as a Word doc.

PDF to Word Conversion on macOS

If required, make changes to the Word file. Because of the line and page breaks, graphics, and other factors, the converted document does not have an ideal page-to-page correspondence; as a result, some physical modification may be required. Save the PDF that has been converted. When you’re ready to save the converted file as a separate Word file and follow these steps: click ‘File’ and “Save As” once respectively. Double-click “This PC”, type the file name, choose a location for saving on the left side of the window, and lastly, click Save.

For Mac users, the first step is to navigate to the PDF’s location on your device. Simply press the PDF once and then “File” in the top-left corner of the screen to save it. This choice can be found near the top of the File drop-down list. You can access Microsoft Word by clicking here. If you downloaded the PDF from the internet, you’ll need to click “Enable Editing” at the top, then “OK” to continue. If required, make changes to the Word document. To save, go to File, click “Save As” and type the name of the file you desire, choose a place for the file, and click “Save”.

Why Is Converting PDF to Word Essential?

Portable document format (PDF) and Word are two essential document management systems that are practically used by all businesses and institutions in handling, preparing, monitoring, and tracking documents. Professionals and students use these programs synonymously, particularly when collecting information and data, as well as archiving and conducting audits, but they operate on different systems. For example, PDF files are configured static files that cannot be changed from their original state. It can be downloaded or scanned in the same way that Word can, but it cannot be edited. Fortunately, digital technology has progressed to the point that it is now possible to convert PDF to Word and vice versa with only a few clicks and taps.

In a Nutshell

Using a free online PDF converting tool is one of the most efficient ways to convert your documents. You should consider the following criteria when choosing a converter to help you with your regular PDF task: elements extraction, layout conservation, formats options, converting pace, protection, and price. As mentioned above, you can freely convert PDF to Word on Mac, but it cannot be assured if it can produce an excellent product than that from online. The same thing goes with PDF to word converter for Windows. But of course, if you don’t have internet access, it can help greatly, especially when you’re in a hurry.



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