8 NOMOS Glashütte Watches: Which One’s Right for You?

8 NOMOS Glashütte Watches: Which One’s Right for You?

NOMOS Glashütte is a German watchmaker premised in Glashütte, Germany, specializing in craftsman manual-winding and automatic mechanical timepieces. Roland Schwertner formed it in January 1990, two months after the Berlin Wall’s fall. NOMOS is happy to title Glashütte home—a small yet peaceful town nestled between hills and forests in the eastern Ore Mountains, near Dresden, and south of Berlin The luxury watches made there are globally renowned, and the watch manufacturers are among the greatest in the world. Glashütte has been producing several fine vintage pieces for over 175 years; it has a heritage that is tough to locate anywhere around the world. Here are some of the finest and most elegant timepieces Nomos Glashütte has crafted.


NOMOS Glashutte Ahoi models make a splash, even underwater. Ahoi ref 555 is a large watch that has made a name for itself. Although it looks good in a suit, its natural environment is water. This automatic watch is waterproof to 200 meters, the crown guard protects against bumps and shocks, and the blue-black textile strap is water-resistant and even in the grubbiest of deep-sea waters, the luminescent hands and indexes keep time.

Eloquence can also be sporty: the automatic Ahoi model is one of NOMOS Glashütte’s largest, gauging 40 mm. A wristwatch that makes a statement on the wrist.

Autobahn Neomatik 41 Date

Autobahn: a distinguishable and consequential race ahead of the competition. You don’t need to have a driver’s license to take an appealing aura—Autobahn will uncover its resolute form and creativity through its sapphire crystal glass back, handcrafted and high-tech Autobahn Neomatik 41 Date ref 1301caliber. This watch is nearest to the famous end of the NOMOS spectrum, with a white silver-plated dial but it still has a complex taste to it.

Club Campus

The Campus series’ first-time viewers are members of the First Timer’s Club with a free engraving. The Campus small model, Club Campus ref 708, has a slightly more delicate architecture than the other models it is not to be underutilized.  Almost anything can be ensured by the sapphire crystal glass and stainless steel case. The indexes and hands glow in the dark, and the dial features two Roman numerals in addition to the Arabic script honorem, honorem! A versatile Club with a diameter of 36 millimeters, this model is ideal for slim wrists.

Lambda White Gold

The Lambda White Gold ref 931 is the epitome of NOMOS Glashütte. A fantastic device of the desired accuracy, apparently drawn with a perfect quill tip, full of Glashütte watchmaking history and culture, and even more contemporary than anything else informing the time. The flexible battery level indicator indicates when it needs to be rewound, which is only after three and a half days. This larger Lambda has a generous 42 mm circumference. A watch for strong wrists that don’t bother being the star of the show now and then.

Ludwig—175 Years Watchmaking Glashütte

Ludwig – commemorating 175 years of Glashütte craftsmanship. Ludwig with hand-wound caliber is a NOMOS watch ref 205.S2, as vintage as they stand thus the ideal timepiece to commemorate Glashütte’s 175th anniversary of industrial design. High-end mechanics collide with ageless design. The limited edition also includes the following special features an anniversary engraving around the sapphire glass case-back, blue-tempered leaf hands, and an enamel-white dial.  It’s simply stunning!

Lux Hermelin

Rose gold opulence. Lux Hermelin ref 940, a masterpiece in rose gold, crème, and gray pledges the love of an entire life, for more intricate wrists and for all time. The NOMOS caliber DUW 2002 is discreetly at work inside, with a hand-engraved balance cock that reads “Lovingly produced in Glashütte”, a short message from the NOMOS Workshop. Lux in a slightly smaller form cannot be neglected; its tonneau form quantifies 38.5 by 34 mm.

Metro Rose Gold 33

Rose gold metro with manual winding and automatic movement. The latest addition to the Metro family, ref 1170, has a rose gold case and a diameter of 33 mm, designed to be worn on more delicate wrists. Mark Braun, a Berlin-based designer, also created this intricate model. Inside, the hand-wound caliber Alpha maintains the tempo consistently and accurately as always.


Three dial variants of the Thrice Minimatik. Minimatik ref 1203 is beautifully constructed, accurately based, thanks to the NOMOS caliber DUW 3001, as slim as a hand-wound bracelet. Precise points in cyan blue add an avant-garde touch, contrasting brilliantly with the white silver-plated dial. They also outline the internal innovation—the future’s automatic caliber. Shortly after its release, the Minimatik earned the most prestigious design awards available. So impressionable and yet so well-regarded! A watch that both enhances and accentuates him and her. Furthermore implies that wrists are always flawlessly viewed.

In a Nutshell

There are remaining Nomos collections that were not mentioned like Orion, Tangente, Tangomat, Tetra, and Zürich. Among the mentioned watches, the NOMOS Glashütte Metro is one of the most unique since it’s exceptionally designed by a well-known designer, Mark Braun. Other models feature their characteristics, but the most outstanding for me is the one designed by Braun.



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