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A Tour Through Sought-After Men’s Pendants

The tradition to supplement the masculine image with pendants is known since time immemorial. Today, pendants are an enduring staple of a men’s wardrobe. They differ both in appearance and meaning. Some of them carry out an exclusively decorative function, while others are endowed with the power of a talisman.

Types of Men’s Pendants

Men tend to pick pendants to reflect their worldviews, nature, and aspirations. Thanks to modern technologies, century-old traditions, and robust selection of materials, men have access to heaps of options. Finding a model that emphasizes his style, status, and masculinity is easier than falling off a log.

Men gravitate to symbols that are said to boost their masculinity and attractiveness in the ladies’ eyes. The most commonplace symbolism includes:

  • religious themes;
  • marine motifs;
  • Oriental images;
  • gothic patterns;
  • ancient signs;
  • pirate symbols.

Silver Pendants

Silver is a muted yet beautiful metal steeped in history. Since ancient times, it has been considered truly divine. People respected and admired this noble metal for its healing properties. It is proven that microscopic doses of silver beneficially affect the human body. When off the grid, one can use a silver pendant to purify water and make it drinkable.

When it comes to designs, silver pendants show off myriads of options. Hieroglyphs, crosses, floral patterns, figures or people and animals, zodiac signs, and many other motifs complement men’s jewelry. Silver pendants look equally outstanding whether they feature solid metal or inserts and inlays of auxiliary materials (gemstones, amber, ivory, etc.). You can find a robust selection or audacious jewelry in this unique pendants collection.

Besides off-the-shelf models, men are also partial to customized pendants. More often than not, they carry various inscriptions or images dear to their hearts. They emphasize men’s individuality as well as play the role of a personalized amulet. Initials, blood type, words of a prayer or a specific phrase that means the world to a wearer are found on pendants and medallions. In the end, every guy can obtain an original, one of a kind, and meaningful item.

Gold Pendants

Gold pendants compete on equal terms with silver ones when it comes to popularity. They have long been included in the list of classic jewelry for men. Unlike silver counterparts, gold items carry the meaning of prestige, luxury, and extravaganza. Gold is ideally suited for everyday wear and solemn events alike. You can unearth pendants cast from yellow, white, or rose gold, which can be harmoniously combined with precious stones.

Despite the huge thematic diversity, men prefer pendants shaped like predatory animals, hieroglyphs, oriental symbols, icons, crosses, and name letters. Their purpose is to make the image complete and enhance jewelry significance.

When talking about styles of executions, we can single out the most prominent ones:

  • Egyptian – radiates mystery and magic;
  • Celtic – features various ornaments and historical symbols;
  • Byzantine – offers enlarged shapes;
  • Victorian – is famous for luxurious styles and refined lines;
  • Gothic – carries quirky patterns and eyebrow-raising symbolism.

Just like silver jewelry, gold pendants may bear engraving supplementing them with semantic meaning.

Steel Pendants

The successors of ancient traditions are edgy steel pendants. Men crafted jewelry from iron since the dawn of time. Now steel superseded iron but preserved its raw magnetism. Thanks to the cold metallic luster and more than an affordable price tag, steel pendants are longtime male favorites. They are easy to maintain and combine with any outfits… what more can a man wish for?

Symbolism present in pendants and covering various cultures and images makes it a breeze to pick an eye-catching model harmonizing with a men’s self-awareness. Men dare to choose more risqué motifs cast in steel – daggers, swards, Oni masks, skulls, etc. Because steel is fairly inexpensive, you can get yourself a few go-to options for various occasions and settings – office, night club, family get-together, etc.

Pendants with Leather Cords

Normally, you would hang a pendant on a necklace constructed from the same material – silver to silver, gold to gold, and steel to steel. However, you may go for an original combination of a metal pendant and a contrasting cord. Normally, those are leather cords but you can freely experiment with rubber, textile, and suede options. When it comes to colors, the most versatile is black, although grey, brown, green, and earthy colors are worthy of note as well.

Stylish leather cords are not only original but also practical. You can easily adjust their lengths and use various variations. Braided, single and multi-string models let you adapt your look to any outfit and situation. A beautiful pendant swinging from a neat leather lace looks original and startling. Metal and leather harmoniously complement each other, making a men’s image even more masculine and extraordinary. In the women’s eyes, men wearing such jewelry look strong, reliable, and protective.





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