Business Analytics In The Gaming Industry: What Is Business Analytics?

The gaming industry is constantly evolving. As new technology develops, tastes, preferences, or demographics can change. It’s vital for any business or industry to stay on top of the latest trends to remain relevant.

Today, we’ll look specifically at a process called business analytics. What is business analytics, and why should you know about it? You’ll find it’s important for businesses large and small.

Jørgen Aasgen from beste oddstips is a well-known expert in the casino and gaming industry. Today, he’ll share his tips and information on what business analytics is for everyone to understand.

Business Analytics

At its core, business analytics is about analysing trends and data over time. These can include things like revenue, sales, which demographics are more involved in an industry and much more.

This process relies heavily on statistical methods. Businesses can gain great insights into how they are performing and identify potential problems down the road. There are three primary methods of business analytics: descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive. Let’s  briefly look at each of these:


As the name suggests, here you are merely describing a trend that is occurring. Historical data is analysed and interpreted to see what’s going on. Descriptive analytics could show a dip in sales or other problems that need to be addressed. However, this process does not go so far as to suggest a solution or see where things might go.


Predictive analytics aims to predict what might happen in the future based on what has already occurred and is currently going on. Like the process above, historical data is analysed, but you try to create a hypothetical future trend that is based on that data. For example, if sales are consistently rising by a certain amount, you may predict where it could be a few months down the road.

Of course, nothing is ever certain. Unexpected events can occur and throw everything up in the air. Assuming most factors will remain steady, predictive analytics can often be accurate.


With prescriptive analytics, we are now attempting to create solutions to problems or apply tests to determine which course of action may produce the best results. Interactions with the casino industry are commonplace. For example, a casino manager may hire a business analyst to determine whether adding a spa or restaurant will increase revenue.

A variety of predictive models can be created to see the potential outcomes of each option. These simulations are a great way for making decisions about the future.

Why Should You Use Business Analytics?

Business analytics is used by every major company. Even smaller businesses and casinos can greatly benefit by hiring a business analyst. Let’s go over some key benefits below.

First, business analytics can greatly improve the performance of your business. You may be able to identify several problems you were previously unaware of. It can give a good idea of what practices are working well and which ones are holding you back.

You can also greatly reduce the risk of new business decisions. By analysing current trends with consumers, behaviours, and preferences, you can be better informed on what actions to take. With the gaming industry being so highly competitive, businesses can’t afford to make mistakes that could cost them greatly.


It’s no exaggeration to say business analytics is a cornerstone of any successful business. For the gaming industry, which is rapidly evolving, it is more important than ever to be aware of current and potential future trends. Doing so will allow the business to make the appropriate decisions to continue moving forward successfully.

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