How to write high-quality essays quickly

How to write high-quality essays quickly

Am going, to tell the truth; writing essays or research papers suck. Even those people who write papers to make a living still find college papers tedious. When the lecturer expects you to write a paper, he expects you not to start calculating mathematics numbers or reading chapters. The activities of writing are frustrating; they are finite than monumental tasks of writing papers. One cannot begin by opening a book and writing anything. One has to research, brainstorm, outline, add citations, drafts, and edit. Through college, I created a system in a way in which I could crack writing assignments and research papers in time.

With this shortcut or cheat code, I had free time to do other things like hanging out with friends, family. And also, I had time to write other things like blogs and so on.

Below are the tips from MyPaperWriter, that one can use when he wants to write his articles very fast.


Understand your assignments.

You write something that the lecturer does not understand, is a wastage of money and time. Ask your lecturer what you do not understand such he can explain to you. If the assignment is not clear, it is not that the lecturer is trying to get you off track, but he (lecturer) thinks that whatever he has given you is simple to do.

Do not forget that when you ask for where you do not understand, it does not mean that you are that stupid.

Research with efficiency.

Once you have understood the assignment, one needs to begin researching. If one is not careful, research may be a way to procrastinate. When you get to a source, it may be hours that you would have used to write something.

To avoid procrastination, one needs to set time limits,

Do not use more than thirty minutes for a page.

Do not be anxious about the information that one has.

Create flat outlines.

The traditional system of outlines felt like it doesn’t work. It was a time when I used not to create points using bullets. So I decided to create an outline after writing the essay since the lecturers needed it for the exams.

The new kind of outline is flat outlines.

  • Build not hierarchical outlines.
  • Visit the library.
  • Dump relevant quotes.
  • Put your topic outline on paper.

The flat outline matches the writing process.

Create perfect writing environments.

So at least you understand your topic. And you have researched. Then the flat outline is working. Now one needs to write the research paper. You need to write a research paper in a place that has less distraction. If you cannot find somewhere to write your essay, you will waste time.

Follow standard structures.

The way you write your paper should be in a way that will impress your lecturer. You are not trying to create new English, but you just want to write an essay. Just select a standard structure and use it very well. Save the part where you have originality when writing your arguments. How do you get these standards? Your lecturers will give you the standard way of writing your essays.

Pay attention to quality, not quantity.

If your instructor has given you a word limit of 3000 words, one will want to write an essay of about 4000 words. After all, when you write more, it is much better.


Writing articles or research papers is tedious, so if one follows the processes above, one will write a perfect essay.




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