Current Date:August 5, 2021

Privacy Policy

BBC World News is governed by a privacy policy. All our readers and users are advised to review our privacy policy before proceeding with our website.

Our privacy policy constitutes the following:

  • How we collect user information
  • How we store user information
  • How we use collected and stored user information
  • How do we distribute user information
  • Our data security
  • Encryption service
  • Cloud Storage
  • Protection against data theft and cybercrime

How we collect user information

BBW World News never collects personally identifiable information without the consent of the user. We follow our privacy policy very strictly and value your privacy, which is why we always ensure obtaining consent where user information may be required. Any information that is provided to us is by our client’s free will. We never collect information using hidden practices and always ensure our data collection methods are transparent and consented.

How we store user information

All our collected user information is stored on our cloud servers with a secure SSL certificate. We only store information that is offered by our users and may be useful to us in enhancing their browsing experience. BBC World News uses cookies to understand our user’s browsing pattern and to improve their user experience. Cookies are small files that are stored on your hard disk and allow the website to identify the user each time they visit. This helps the website improve its recommendations and highlight posts and blogs that may be of interest to the user based on past activity. Every user has the right to refuse cookies from saving on their hard disk without any restrictions to access the website. This means that you can choose to refuse cookies and still continue to use our website.

How do we distribute user information?

BBW World News never distributes or sells client’s personal information to any third-party vendors and dealers, unless ordered by a legal entity. Any information collected by BBW World News will be stored safely on our secure servers. BBW World News will never sell user information for profit and is bound by ethical use of obtained user information, which aims to improve user experience only.

Our data security

All our servers are protected with SSL certificates and the data is stored using high-end encryption service. The encryption service ensures that any attempts to steal the data or data leakages will render the information useless to hackers and cybercriminals.  Our servers are protected using sophisticated and high-end data security services, which ensure that your information is secure with us.