The 4 Best Rado Watches for Women to Invest In

The 4 Best Rado Watches for Women to Invest In

When you ask ordinary people and even watch collectors and enthusiasts about the names of the luxury watch brands that they know, you might hear answers such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and even Tag Heuer. But you might not hear Rado as an answer to this question. While it is true that Rado is not a brand that everyone would think of as a luxury watch brand, Rado still has a lot of things to offer for watch lovers, especially women.

Rado is a brand popular for its use of high-tech ceramic in creating its watches and has even pioneered the use of plasma high-tech ceramic in its watches, making them lightweight and even hypoallergenic yet durable and shiny. These qualities make Rado watches unique, and they are a good reason for women to consider the brand when getting a luxury watch that will fit them.

1. Rado Centrix

The Centrix is one of the most popular, if not the most popular watch made by Rado as stated on the company’s website. It is also considered to be one of the most popular Rado watches for women because of its design and material used to make it. Unlike many of Rado’s watches, the Rado Centrix is made using stainless steel as seen in both its watch case and strap. While this material makes the Rado Centrix less expensive compared to other watches made by the company that got its fame by using high-tech ceramic for its watches, this model is still lightweight and stylish just like most of Rado’s watches.

The Rado Centrix is available in various models and versions. Among its most popular and expensive versions is the Rado Centrix Automatic Diamond, which has a strap made of high-tech ceramic paired with a stainless steel watch case. This version also has diamonds in it, and the Rado Centrix Automatic Diamond even has a more expensive sister, the Rado Centrix Diamonds Open Heart. While the main difference between these two glittery versions of the Rado Centrix is how the watch dial and the diamonds on the timepiece were cut out, the Rado Centrix Diamonds Open Heart is said to be valued at around $2,300. Despite these differences, all versions and colors of the Rado Centrix have a sapphire crystal on the watch and it is also scratch-resistant. With such a variety of features, colors, and versions, the Rado Centrix is certainly a great women’s watch to invest in.

2. Rado True Star Sign

The second watch on this list is a great and popular watch for women who are into astrology. The Rado True Star Sign is a collection of watches that features all the 12 signs of the Western Zodiac on the watch dial. Because of this, there would be some variation in the design of the watch. Nonetheless, all of the watches included in the Rado True Star Sign collection have a 30 mm size, four-diamond indexes, and a blue mother-of-pearl dial which was said to be inspired by the night sky. Each Zodiac sign on the watch is elegantly depicted on the watch dial using diamonds, and the name of each sign is inscribed at nine o’clock. The Rado True Star Sign collection watches also highlight an automatic movement and a water resistance of up to 30 meters. As with other Rado watches, every important part of a Rado True Star Sign watch, from the case to the strap, is made with high-tech ceramic, ensuring durability and comfort as well as sophistication and uniqueness.

3. Rado Integral

Perhaps one of the most unique watches ever made by Rado, the Rado Integral is one of the only two watches created by the Swiss watch company (along with the Ceramica) that promotes a square watch face. First appeared in 1986, the Rado Integral is widely considered to be a vintage model, and it has been revamped to satisfy the needs of new customers. Being the first Rado watch to be made using a high-tech ceramic material, the Rado Integral is considered to be one of the most popular watch models of the watch manufacturer.

The Rado Integral has the Integral Diamonds model, which features diamonds but cannot be used for water-based activities, such as swimming or diving. While the Rado Integral Diamonds model is more expensive than the normal Rado Integral, this watch model has a 19 mm case. This makes the Rado Integral a perfect watch for ladies to invest in especially if they are looking for a smaller watch.

4. Rado Ceramica

Perhaps you have already got the idea that Rado is a luxury watch brand famous for making unconventionally designed watches using unconventional materials. Nevertheless, prepare for one of the most unique watch models that the Swiss watch manufacturer has created, the Rado Ceramica. Many of the watches produced by Rado and other luxury watch brands are circle-shaped. But along with the Rado Integral, the Rado Ceramica is one of the only watches you might ever see on the market that has a square watch face.

But it’s not just the watch’s square face that makes the Rado Ceramica so special. The Rado Ceramica’s watch case, bezel, and bracelet are made with high-tech ceramic and it has a design featuring a gently curved silhouette coupled with strong lines. This model also has a sapphire crystal in it and it is also scratch-resistant. The Rado Ceramica, especially the newer versions of the said model, is a sought-after watch model from Rado, as it delivers Rado’s promise of having a watch that is stylish yet comfortable, light, and durable.

Is Rado Considered a Luxury Watch?

For many people (including avid watch collectors and buyers), Rado is a watch company that does not always get enough recognition. One of the cheapest Rado watches sold in the market is said to be priced around $420 especially when purchased online, making them cheaper compared to other, more expensive luxury watch brands. But it’s not always the price that determines which watch manufacturer is a luxury watch brand and which is not.

Despite the more obtainable price point compared to other watches brands, Rado is still a respected Swiss watch manufacturing brand owing to its willingness to use different materials such as high-tech ceramic in its watches, which is the reason why Rado is called the “Master of Materials” in the watchmaking industry. If you are looking for an entry-level luxury watch brand and you want to be more familiar with the luxury watch brand and market, then getting a Rado watch should be included in your bucket list.


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