The 5 Things to Know About the Rolex Sea-Dweller

Ever since its launch in London in 1905 Rolex has been dominating the watch market. The company offers its wide range of watches under the brand name Rolex.

Rolex has a good following among the elite and other members of society. The Rolex watches have a long tradition of durability and performance and their designs are timeless. If you are considering purchasing a Rolex watch then you should do some research first as to which of the variety of watches will suit your needs. You can search for them online as there are many reputed websites that provide information about the company and available models

Rolex has an exquisite collection of watches to cater to all the needs. Whether it is the sporty type or the elegant ladies’ model, Rolex has it all under its wings. Amongst popular Rolex models are the collection of divers watches which includes the Rolex Sea-Dweller.

The Rolex Sea-Dweller

The Rolex sea-dweller has surprisingly been around for over 50 years, but the model didn’t gain popularity immediately after its release. The aim of the sea dweller was to create a watch that would enable divers to survive depths and saturation beneath the ocean. Here are 5 facts you should know about the Rolex Sea-Dweller.

1. First Production

The Sea-dweller wasn’t always known by that name. The first production was called the “Double Red Sea-Dweller or the DRSD. This name referred to the two lines on the dial which was meant to distinguish the model from similar prototypes. These other prototypes had single red lines and were called single red sea-dwellers.

2. Distinguishing Features

The DRSD had a distinctive feature from the regular dive watches released back then. It had a valve on the left case band. It also offered a feature that reminded divers of their time underwater, this feature was the “date display at three o’clock. The cyclops was not included in the plexi for the older version, it was glued to the crystal.

3. Rolex Deep Sea 2008

The Sea dweller was improved in 2008 when the “deep sea” was introduced. This was to commemorate James Cameroon’s successful exploit to the Mariana trench in 2012. The water-resistance of the model was tripled to 12,800 feet or 3,990 meters. This was an applaudable feat that was credited to the 5mm-thick sapphire crystal that supported the pressure while the watch was underwater.

4. Bezel Upgrade in 2014

After 5 years from the previous upgrade in 2008, the sea-dweller was reintroduced in 2014 with a reference 116600. The difference was the bezel which was upgraded to cerachrom ceramic, an improvement from the aluminum used in the previous model. This style was more appreciated by fans of the vintage Rolex. It featured a maxi dial with large indexes

5. Double Designed Sea Dwellers are Rare

An interesting fact about the sea-dweller is that it has more text on its dial than any other Rolex sports watch. The double-designed sea dweller is a specially designed rare watch. They are signed by Tiffany and co. After its first release decades ago, they weren’t available for the public commercially. They were specially designed for people in special forces and the military. Members of the Royal family and their associates also owned the sea-dweller.

What is a Rolex Sea-Dweller Worth?

The Rolex sea-dweller is a highly collectible watch. It features a hint of vintage design and a blend of modern dive watch designs. The Oyster perpetual model of the sea dweller can remain impenetrable by water for up to 4,000 feet. While the Deepsea version can remain waterproof for up to 12,000 feet. The price depends on the model and material used in making the watch. But the standard retail price is about $11,000.

Rolex and Dive Watches

One of the leading watch brands in the world is Rolex. It is a renowned manufacturer of watches and distributes them all over the globe. The sea-dweller model was initially meant for naval use only but later it was brought out for general use. This watch was much loved by the crew members as it stood for class and reliability. The company is still thriving even today and is known for its innovative and stylish designs of watches.

The Rolex Submariner is another luxury dive watch that was first introduced by Rolex. The Submariner is powered by a water-resistant case that resists both shock and water, and a scratch-resistant bezel. This watch is available in a variety of dial styles and comes with different steel cases.


Rolex Watches is popular among celebrities and sportsmen because they provide a good quality watch that lasts long. It is important to select the best watchmaker when you want to buy a luxury watch because you do not want to end up with a piece that will only last a few months then need repair.

You can find a Rolex dealer online who can guide you and help you choose the right Rolex watch brand. A good dealer will make sure that you will get the best possible deal on your Rolex watch. You can also read some reviews or seek advice from Rolex watch experts to know more about the different brands that Rolex has before making a purchase.



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