The Best of 2021: 5 Stunning Tissot Quartz Watches for Men

The Best of 2021: 5 Stunning Tissot Quartz Watches for Men

If there was anything that we learned last year, it’s that time is of the essence. And if that holds any value for you, timekeeping this 2021 would be best if you had a watch with superior accuracy. Today, we will be going over some facts about quartz watches and a brand that should convince you that going quartz is a fantastic choice. Before that, we will also try to tell a bit about other watch movements and what makes them all different. Let’s get started!

What are quartz watches?

In the world of watches, there are two types of movements, mechanical and quartz. The mechanical movement narrows down to two other categories, and the first one we’re mentioning is called automatic or the “self-winding” mechanical movement. It doesn’t require a battery nor does it need to be wound every so often. Just wear it every day and your daily activities will keep it ticking. Unlike the second one called the manual mechanical movement, you would need to wind the crown to make sure that your timekeeping stays accurate. In the long run, these mechanical movements have their pros and cons and the common benefit is they don’t need a battery.

Now enters the third movement in the picture. In the early ‘80s, the Quartz Revolution took place. The quartz movement was invented, which made watches run on batteries. A quartz crystal in the watch receives the electricity coming from the battery by passing through a circuit. As a result, the current that runs through the quartz crystal lets it swing at a more constant pace. Some of the most impressive brands that sell quartz watches include Tissot, Omega, and Grand Seiko.

How accurate are quartz watches?

On average, a quartz watch is accurate up to one second more or less per day. Some watch wearers like to go for automatic or mechanical movements as a way to appreciate the sophisticated craftsmanship inside the timepiece. Unfortunately, if your watch isn’t quartz-driven, you would always need to be mindful of the temperature, gravity, impact, and other factors that can affect the accuracy of your watch. Regardless of the original accuracy, you will be sure to enjoy consistent and accurate timekeeping with a quartz watch.

5 Tissot Quartz Watches for Men

If you’re the type of watch wearer who is street-smart and would like to take on the practical route to timekeeping, we made just for you a list of five stunning Tissot watches, a prominent brand that boasts excellent quartz-driven timepieces.

1.  T-Classic Quartz Silver Dial Men’s Watch


The first on the list comes from the T-Classic series. This watch shines with a classic silver dial. It is designed with Arabic numeral indices and black hands that stark up to a nice sharp look. The case is protected with sapphire crystal enclosed in a stainless steel material. This round 42mm timepiece is perfect for wearers with large wrists. Sporting an ETA Caliber 902.101 quartz movement, it boasts up to 30 meters of water resistance. This watch comes in a beautiful black leather strap, making it perfect for both casual wear and evening occasions alike.

2.  T-Classic PR 100 Quartz Black Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watch


Our next watch is another member of the T-Classic series, only this time, it comes with a clean black dial graced with a Luminescence finish. Its stick indices matched with Luminous Silver-tone hands help achieve its austere straightforward look. If you are a watch wearer who has silver eyes, you will fall in love with its gorgeous band and enclosure, both made of radiant stainless steel. This round 39mm watch is rocking an ETA Caliber F06.111 quartz movement, and can go 100 meters deep. The T-Classic PR 100 is for you if you want to take a pass on leather, and if you’re crazy about that durable stainless steel band.

3.  T-Sport Chrono XL Black Dial Men’s Watch

T116.617.37.057.01, 289USD

Going out on a trip this weekend? Let the T-Sport Chrono help you look your best. Made perfect for the outdoors, this timepiece is armored with a PVD-coated stainless steel case. It comes with a stunning black dial and a fixed black bezel that complements its Luminescence finish, Luminous black hands, and yellow-gold Index indices. This 45mm round watch from the T-Sport series will leave you speechless with its four jewels and solid back, running on an ETA Caliber G10.212 quartz movement. Sporting a tenacious fabric strap, it lets you dive up to 100 meters deep with this bad boy and helps make any weekend worthwhile!

4.  Heritage Visodate Quartz Black Dial Men’s Watch


If you’re attending an important gathering that calls for a rustic look, slay it with an added touch of sophistication with the Heritage series. Heritage Visodate perfects the look of a classic leather watch with its black dial, Gold-tone hands, and stainless steel case. It has a solid back and a round shape, coming in 40mm. Heritage Visodate houses an ETA Caliber F06.111 movement and gives you 30-meter water resistance. Stainless steel and leather have never been rendered this perfectly with the Heritage Visodate.

5.  T-Sport Seastar 1000 Chronograph Quartz Black Dial Men’s Watch


Did you know that Tissot is in sports partnership with the NBA, FIBA, Tour de France, and the Swiss Hockey Federation? Since they are a trusted brand in the world of sports, we’ve saved the best for last. That’s why we have for you a higher-end quartz watch from nothing else but the T-Sports series.

The T-Sport Seastar 1000 at first glance commands with its big black dial, Luminescence finish, dot indices, and Luminous Silver-tone hands. The solid back, stainless steel case, and sapphire crystal make it resistant to scratches or any rigorous fun. Boasting an ETA Caliber G10.212 quartz movement, stainless steel strap, and a 45.5mm case, you are sure to enjoy deeper adventures of up to a bone-crushing 300 meters.


Understanding the difference between the different watch movements can be a bit intimidating at first, but knowing their key differences helps you make the right buying decision. So, if you are always on the run and in need of accurate timekeeping, the quartz movement is the way to go! We hope you were able to find a winner from this list and understand why quartz is worthy of your consideration. For reliable buys online, be sure to check out for great deals and more!


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