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What Material is Best for Your Toronto Vanities?

Top materials for bathroom cabinets

An average bathroom is expected to last for 18 years and so should your bathroom cabinets. What materials are best for your Toronto bathroom cabinets? Should you go for hardwood, MDF or PVC? The answer depends on what you want. If you are looking for a traditional look in your bathroom, the best type of material would be hardwood. Cabinets in modern bathrooms may be made with a variety of materials such as plastic, PVC, stainless steel, and even MDF.

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Choosing the right material for your vanities

All cabinet materials are not created equal. If you are looking for the best quality wooden cabinet, you should consider those made with North American hardwood. Interestingly, most wooden cabinets in James Martin stores are made with high quality North American hardwoods. When exposed to humidity, woods may begin to crack overtime but they can be protected by applying the right coating.

These woods are known to stand the test of time and to serve the required purposes.

Plywood is another choice material for bathroom cabinets and they are also cheaper than solid woods. Although they are not prone to crack, plywoods can easily be damaged by water.

Some bathroom cabinets are also made with MDF. MDFs are made by joining waxing small pieces of wood with composite fiber. While they could serve your purpose, MDFs may not offer the requisite quality and longevity you want.

PVC is one of the top materials used in most modern Toronto vanities. They are high-quality and water-resistant materials. PVCs are also very attractive and will also last long.

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Where Vanity Sense Come in

Looking for the best cabinet for your bathroom, you need not look farther from Vanity Sense. With several years of experience in the cabinet industry, Vanity Sense offers the best quality bathroom cabinets and Toronto vanities. You can buy both classic and modern-styled vanities in the store.

Toronto bathroom vanities at Vanity Sense’s store are organized into collections. The collections comprise vanities of various types, characteristics, and designs. You can choose the one that suits yours needs to purchase. If you need to customize your bathroom cabinet, feel free to consult the expert craftsmen at Vanity Sense. The craftsmen have years of experience in crafting and customizing bathroom vanities and they can produce the exact custom design they need.

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